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Integrating Technology

Integrating Technology

Doctor of Education

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Me-Portfolios: Putting the Me in Me-Learning

21 Aug

2011 08:00 AM (CST)

This class ran for 64 minutes

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About the class

About the class

This webinar is hosted in English

Me-Portfolios: Putting the Me in Me-Learning by Vance Stevens.

Vance Stevens has been following a 20-year career in English language teaching and CALL software development, Vance Stevens actively pursues professional development as Ed Tech consultant, online facilitator and coach, and founder and moderator of the Webheads community of practice, Webheads in Action, taking leadership roles in many community-based online professional development initiatives which have formed the basis of his professional development this past decade. Subsequently, he has conducted research and produced numerous publications. Vance's Blogs and Feeds provide very useful resources for educators around the world.

The presenter has been teaching a course on multiliteracies and revising it for a number of iterations over the past several years now. One recent innovation was to set evaluation of the course by means of ePortfolios. Here they are called “Me-Porfolios” to call attention to their constructivist nature. The presentation describes the multiliteracies course and how it features a MOOC approach and berry-bush supermarket presentation rather than prescribed guidance through course components. User choice in material to be covered makes it logical to encourage participants to adopt Me-Porfolios in (1) specifying their own course objectives and outcomes as they orient in the course; (2) presenting their individually tailored plan of achieving those objectives, and ; (3) documenting through an online portfolio the deliverables prepared in showcasing those outcomes. The presenter has found it wise to model e-portfolios to the participants as well as identify successful examples of e-portfolios. This presentation covers the literature on e-portfolios as presented in the course and shows the portal linking the Me-Portfolios prepared by the participants in the most recent rendition of the course.

About the Host

Integrating Technology

Integrating Technology

Doctor of Education

Matthew Poole aka Cyrus Hush

Matthew Poole is the Director of Online Academics at American National University in Roanoke, Virginia. He is working on a PhD in Education with a concentration in web-based learning, and regularly leads tours in Second Life of interesting new ideas and builds that might be of scientific, cultural, historic or artistic interest to educators.

WOW or SL: Things to Think about When Choosing a Virtual World for Teaching

My presentation will be a tour of Expedition Central and a discussion of possible applications of Second Life and/or Open Sim environments in education with either a YouTube video or slide show comparing the educational values of Second Life and World of Warcraft (which is almost done). SLURL to come.

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