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Integrating Technology

Integrating Technology

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MMVC13: What if you could think like Einstein? Learn the Wrist Method by Dr. Cheryl Lentz

24 Aug

2013 11:00 AM (CST)

This class ran for 56 minutes

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About the class

About the class

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About the Presentation

To change your thinking, simply remember that help is at the end of your WRIST [W-R-I-S-T: Words, Rules, Imagination, Space, and Tools]. This presentation discusses the ability to learn how to fail faster to succeed sooner by using the Wrist Method for more effective Critical Thinking and learning.

About the Presenter

Dr. Cheryl Lentz, DM, MSIR, is the multi award winning publisher of the internationally acclaimed series, The Refractive ThinkerĀ®-a collaboration of more than 80 contributing doctoral scholars from around the world. As President of The Lentz Leadership Institute, she is dedicated to publishing exceptional dissertation research. She is also a 16-time award winning author known globally for her writings as an authority on leadership, critical and refractive thinking, as well as an educator integrating emerging technology as part of her teachings in her ground breaking book: Technology That Tutors: 7 Ways to Save Time Using the Blog as a Teaching Tool. As an accomplished university professor, speaker, editor, and consultant, she is a highly sought after expert in teaching thousands to apply critical thinking skills to problem solve in record time. Join Dr. Cheryl as she offers proven strategies to shorten your learning curve to think beyond limits when facing problems in your personal and professional settings. Learn to fail faster to succeed sooner using proven skills to move you forward more effectively through individual coaching, Tele Seminars, and online classes using The WRIST Method. Invite Dr. Cheryl to make an impact at your next event!

Visit www.ThinkingkBeyondLimits.com for more information.

About the Host

Integrating Technology

Integrating Technology

Doctor of Education

Integrating Technology is a social marketing and education network that supports small and large businesses, public and private schools, and teachers. The team at Integrating Technology organizes online conferences, webinars, MOOCs, and online courses.

Integrating Technology was founded by Dr. Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D), a Canadian education technology, curriculum and instruction, e-learning consultant, relationship-based transformative mentor, researcher, writer, speaker, community builder, and expert in teaching with technology using Moodle and WizIQ live classes.

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