MoodleMoot 2013 (MMVC13)
Integrating Technology Integrating Technology

MoodleMoot 2013 (MMVC13)

Third annual free online conference (August 23-25, 2013)

28 Jun 2013

5 Weeks

Course started: 28 Jun 2013

This course runs for 5 Weeks



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The current Moodlemoot will take place from August 23-25, 2013 online via WiZiQ Virtual Classroom and Moodlemoot Moodle for updates: or join the course for MMVC13 on WizIQ.

The topic tracks for MMVC13 are:

1. Instruction and Learning with Moodle
2. Teaching with Moodle in Unique Ways
3. Online Facilitation
4. Moodle Tricks and Tips
5. Moodle Plugins, Modules
6. WizIQ VC on Moodle
7. Developers' Corner on Moodle
8. Going Mobile
9. iPads & iPhone for Learning
10. Communities of Learning
11. Research Studies with Technology
12. Best Practices with Technology
13. Innovations with Moodle
14. Mahara & Moodle
15. Blended & Blended Online Learning
16. Action Research Projects
17. Reflective Practice
18. E-portfolios
19. New & Innovative Programs
20. Moodle Book Review
21. Case Studies on Moodle
22. Technology Enhanced Learning
23. Moodle in Higher Education
24. Moodle in K-12
25. Moodle for Business
26. Moodle Compared to other LMSs

If you wish to present, please fill in the following presentation form
Please contact Dr. Nellie Deutsch for further information or if you wish to present.

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Integrating Technology

Toronto , Canada

Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning (IT4ALL) is a network of educators that provides free and low-cost professional development courses on how to integrate web technologies into full and blended online learning (BOL) courses and workshops using Moodle and WizIQ. The network provides courses on Moodle for Teachers, Moodle for Administrators, Sloodle for Moodle, Academic Writing, APA style, English Grammar, Learn English Online (LEO), Teaching Online, WizIQ Live Class, WebQuests, Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), ESOL, Integrating Technology into the Classroom, Blogging, Teaching Online Business, Web 2.0 tools, Math, English, Spanish and other subjects. The staff at IT4ALL are volunteers, who are passionate about instruction and learning and making a difference in the world of online education. The network was founded by Dr. Nellie Deutsch in 2006. The leading team at IT4ALL are: Dr. Ludmila Smirnova (professor at St. Mary's College in New York State, writer, experienced presenter and online facilitator) and Dr. Nellie Deutsch (a Canadian instructional designer and curriculum development leader, who has been teaching English and integrating technology into her classes, and presenting, researching, writing, and providing consultation on Moodle for teachers. WebQuests, blended learning, and e-portfolios), The team at Integrating Technology also organise online conferences such as the annual Connecting Online (CO09-CO13) and Online Moodlemoot (MMMVC11-13).


Schedule & Syllabus

Section 1

Week 1
28 Jun - 04 Jul
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Section 1

Week 5
22 Aug - 28 Aug
22 Aug MMVC13: Getting the Most Out of Teaching and Learning
22 Aug MMVC13: On the move, mobile learning
23 Aug MMVC13: Hands on Experience Blended learning
23 Aug MMVC13: Blended Learning
23 Aug MMVC13: What do you do when there is no Moodle?
23 Aug MMVC13: Creating the Learning Commons: Moodle-Based, Community-Driven Courses
23 Aug MMVC13: Technology Enhanced Learning
23 Aug MMVC13: Copyright Dot Com: Teaching Old Dogs New Clicks
23 Aug MMVC13: Online Lehrerausbildung in den USA: Beispiel eines Programmes mit Diskussion
23 Aug MMVC13: Getting the Most Out of Teaching and Learning: Online Facilitation, Collaboration, Motivation and Validation in the 21st Century
23 Aug MMVC13: On the move. Going mobile
23 Aug MMVC13: Effective Marketing of an Online Program With WEB 2.0. Tools: Building Capacity
23 Aug MMVC13: Los profesores y el uso de Moodle en la Escuela Superior Politécnica de Chimborazo (Ecuador): Un estudio de casos.
23 Aug MMVC13: Importance of Digital Bloom's Taxonomy
23 Aug MMVC13: SlideSpeech by John Graves
23 Aug MMVC13: iPadagogy: the Expanding Use of iPads in the Classroom
23 Aug Final Edit
24 Aug MMVC13: Incorporating E-Learning into performing art undergraduate education in Sri Lanka
24 Aug MMVC13: Dynamic Mathematics in a Dynamic Learning Environment- Integrating GeoGebra in Moodle
24 Aug MMVC13: Transitioning to Hybrid Teaching and Learning
24 Aug MMVC13: Use of Mobile Devices for Promoting Language Training at the Tertiary Level.
24 Aug MMVC13: Engaging Peer Reviews Using the Moodle Workshop Activity
24 Aug BInnovative way to learn and improve spoken and written language skill
24 Aug Burlington English Corporate Profile
24 Aug MMVC13: Burlington English
24 Aug MMVC13: What if you could think like Einstein? Learn the Wrist Method by Dr. Cheryl Lentz
24 Aug MMVC13: Designing and Conducting Moodle Training Skill Courses for Graduate Faculty
24 Aug MMVC13: ONLINE OR NOT ONLINE? This is my question…….
24 Aug Moodle Mooc 2013.ppt
24 Aug MMVC13: Bringing Sustainability On Line: Learning to Engage the Future through On-line Education.
24 Aug MMVC13 Moodle compared to other LMS
24 Aug MMVC13: Godzilla vs Komodo or Moodle vs Edmodo vs ?: Monsters to Take Over the Educational Universe
24 Aug MMVC13: Learn to Teach English without a Course Book
24 Aug MMVC13-Ramesh-India
25 Aug MMVC13 Presenters Collage Final
25 Aug MMVC13: The reflection of interactive e-portfolios in support of life
25 Aug MMVC13: MooARPT - Moodle Advanced Reporting and Participation Tracking Tool - A reporting, tracking tool for teachers, administrators and organizations
25 Aug MMVC13: LMS Options: Comparing moodle to other LMS tools (Edmodo, Coursesites and Schoology)
25 Aug MMVC13 BOL Nellie
25 Aug MMVC13: WizIQ on Moodle with Dr. Nellie Deutsch
25 Aug MMVC13: Learning2gether Class-roots Weekly Online Professional Development by Vance Stevens
25 Aug MMVC13: Spectacle of clicks: Logs from MOODLE
25 Aug MMVC13: Online Certification of Skill Acquired: Digital Badges
25 Aug MMVC13: Can Moodle be a viable tool to educate the masses in Africa?
25 Aug MMVC13: Brief Tour of Mount Orange High School International Moodle School
25 Aug MMVC13: The use of cell phones and mobile technology in the teaching process.
25 Aug Jase Moodle Moot 2013
25 Aug MMVC13: A Massive Online Journey with English Teachers Worldwide
25 Aug MMVC13: Technology and Teaching - Methods of Engagment
25 Aug MMVC13: Blogging At Your Fingertips: iPads In The PreK-12 Classroom