Teaching Online: Facilitating Online Learning (TOFOL)
Integrating Technology Integrating Technology

Teaching Online: Facilitating Online Learning (TOFOL)

18 May 2012

25 Weeks

Course started: 18 May 2012

This course runs for 25 Weeks





Duration of the Course


Course Format
1. Webinars (see course layout/syllabus)
2. Discussions (enroll for the discussions on IT4ALL Moodle )
3. Course Tasks, Activities and Artifacts (Create or use personal learning environments such as blogs, wikis, e-portfolios, Mahara and Connecting Online)

Outline of the Course
The course layout/syllabus is available on Google Docs and will be updated with the live sessions and any additional information as the course progresses.

Learning Environments
Join the Course Discussions on IT4ALL Moodle (for Certificates and badges), on IT4ALL Mahara or on Connecting Online.

Certificates of Completion
Certificates of Completion will be available for those who participate in the discussions and complete the tasks on IT4ALL Moodle course (with tracking device) and complete the tasks for the course.

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Integrating Technology

TORONTO , Canada

Integrating Technology is a social marketing and education network that supports small and large businesses, public and private schools, and teachers. The team at Integrating Technology organizes online conferences, webinars, MOOCs, and online courses.

Integrating Technology was founded by Dr. Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D), a Canadian education technology, curriculum and instruction, e-learning consultant, relationship-based transformative mentor, researcher, writer, speaker, community builder, and expert in teaching with technology using Moodle and WizIQ live classes.


Schedule & Syllabus

Section 1

Week 1

Section 1

Week 8
01 Sep - 07 Sep

Section 1

Week 10
26 Jan - 01 Feb

Section 1

Week 12
25 Feb - 03 Mar

Section 1

Week 14

Section 1

Week 15

Section 1

Week 16
24 May - 30 May

Section 1

Week 17

Section 1

Week 18

Section 1

Week 19
03 Aug - 09 Aug

Section 1

Week 20
10 Aug - 16 Aug

Section 1

Week 22
28 Sep - 04 Oct

Section 1

Week 23

Section 1

Week 24
10 Nov - 16 Nov