Learn English Online (LEO)
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Learn English Online (LEO)

Practice Speaking, Reading, and Writing

34 Weeks

Course Start Date: 13 Jun 2012

This course runs for 34 Weeks



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Learn English Online (LEO) online course objective:

Learn English online through WizIQ education online with Dr. Nellie Deutsch, an experienced English language teacher. LEO is for you if you are busy or don’t wish to pay the high tuition required to learn English. Perhaps you feel that the cost of learning English in a classroom with other students is not effective. Perhaps you would like to have individual lessons, but cannot afford the cost. In LEO, you will speak, read, write, and listen and connect with other learners worldwide.

LEO is suitable for anyone who wants to develop and improve their English language skills. The course consists of recordings of live online classes, course content, discussion forums, and assignments. The course is facilitated by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, an experienced English language teacher, relationship-based mentor, and education technology expert.

At the end of 1 month of LEO, participants will take a placement test and be illegible to join a course that suits their level. There will be 5 levels:

  • Beginners English

  • Intermediate English

  • Advanced English

  • Very Advanced English

  • English Lanauge Teachers

Weekly schedule:

  • In week 1, participants will engage in reading and listening practice. They will be exposed to grammar through watching TV, movies, online videos such as Youtube. 

  • In week 2, participants will engage in reading, writing, and speaking practice via google drive. They will create text, PowerPoint presentations, and audio using their mics.

  • In week 3, participants will do projects through Google Drive, record themselves and share their work online.

  • In week 4, the focus will be on creating videos and practicing speaking using WizIQ Virtual Class.

  • In week 5, participants will take placement tests to determine their levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced levels.

About Learning English Online:

In LEO, you will be able to participate in discussions, ask questions about grammar, writing, reading, listening and other areas of language learning, and to connect with other learners from around the world.

LEO is a full 1 month long workshop led by Dr. Nellie Deutsch, an experienced English teacher.

You will have a chance to access the course material as a learner and practice what you read as a learner. The more you explore, experiment, engage and exchange information with other members of the groups you join, the more satisfying the experience of learning online will be.

Success with Learning English Online requires participants to be actively involved in reading the content (tutorials) and practicing the things they learn, responding to the topics and to each others’ responses in the discussion forums, doing the assignments, asking questions, responding to others’ questions, and adding comments in the support forums.

There is a great deal of satisfaction for both the learner and facilitator in online learning. I highly recommend being involved as an active participant in this learning environment. The experience of being an active learner will not only be rewarding, but will lead you to becoming a more effective facilitator of your own online and face-to-face courses if you wish to teach in the future or are currently teaching. So, become an active participant, today.

Who should enroll?

Learn English Online is for everyone who wants to practice speaking, reading, writing, and using technology in English.

Language of instruction: English

About the instructor
Integrating Technology

TORONTO , Canada

Integrating Technology for Active Lifelong Learning or IT4ALL is an organization that provides free to low cost programs on how to integrate technology into blended, fully online, and face-to-face learning environments.

IT4ALL is run by Dr. Nellie Deutsch an education technology & marketing consultant.

Dr. Nellie Deutsch (Ed.D) is a Canadian educational leadership, technology and curriculum and instruction consultant. She coaches teachers and admin on how to teach with and manage Moodle courses and Moodle sites. She’s internationally known as a relationship-based academic and doctoral dissertation writing coach, mentor to educators, researcher, author, speaker, community builder, instructional designer and facilitator of fully online and blended learning programs using Moodle, WizIQ, Zoom, Google drive and active learning presentation tools that focus on teaching as a way to learn.

Dr. Deutsch is the founder of Integrating Technology (IT4ALL) professional development network. Her speaking engagements include technology for instruction and learning, collaborative learning and the change process, mindfulness, self-compassion, and authenticity. She offers free Moodle training courses for teachers and administrators of Moodle and organizes MOOCs, and free online conferences, webinars, and courses for educators worldwide. She’s been teaching English as a foreign language in high school and higher education for 35 years. She is currently faculty at Atlantic University Masters of Arts in transpersonal leadership studies fully online and on the steering committee of TESOL CALL-IS, program coordinator at WAOE (World Association of Online Education), on the program committee and executive committee of EdMedia at AACE (Advancement of Computing in Education), on IATEFL YLT SIG committee, and on the coordinating team of Electronic Village Online (EVO) TESOL.


Schedule & Syllabus

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