Open Education Week Worldwide
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Open Education Week Worldwide

March 11-18, 2013

9 Weeks

Course Start Date: 11 Mar 2013

This course runs for 9 Weeks



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Open Education Week is for everyone around the world who wishes to learn about and share content freely.

Participants of the course will learn about Open Education Resources (OER), where to find them, how to create their own OER, and where to share them.

Share your experiences in the Open Education Week If you have created OERs or researched them, you are most welcome to present in the Open Education Week and share your experiences with the audience. To present in the OEW and get further information on the event, please write to Dr. Nellie Deutsch.

Experiences in Open Education Dr. Nellie Deutsch has been involved in open education since 2003. Nellie created OERs in Nellie's English Projects (website), via her WebQuests, through her free Moodle courses, and via Wikieducator. She has shared content and delivered online courses on how to collaborate, create and share open education resources through the live online classes on WizIQ and other channels.

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Language of instruction: English

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